Unmatched Craftsmanship

Each piece of your Martin Saddle is cut from two matching sides of leather to instill consistency and quality.

New, but as good as the day they were old!

There’s no feeling that compares to your favorite set of reins that have been passed through your family for years. Or that pair you have ridden every horse you have ever started. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and we know better than anyone how great those old reins felt. So we made old, the new... new! The line features 5/8” hand-rubbed, double-stitched variety of Hermann Oak and Latigo leather, put through Martin's signature process to give them a “broke-in” feel.

A Natural Choice

The cowboy way of life is preserved in the image and function of the Mohair and Alpaca breastcollars. Natural fibers, free of chemicals and dyes, are used making each piece unique. The soft fibers provide durability and comfort, wick away moisture and provide support for your saddle. The 2” or 3” styles are available in Mohair, Alpaca or a Mohair/Alpaca blend. From the ranch to the roping pen and anywhere in between this best-selling breast collar will make a statement.

The Indefinite Ranahan

What is a ‘Ranahan’? The word comes from a stage driver, pony express rider and army scout who was friends with Buffalo Bill, Thomas J. Ranahan. Today, Ranahan means a top ranch hand or an all-around cowboy.

The Ranahan headstall series offers sharp design options to fit even any rider’s style. The simple headstall design is available in Chestnut, Chocolate or Natural floral designs as well as a rope border option. There a simple design for a more budget friendly choice. The Ranahan bridle family is made from sturdy, Herman Oak leather, cart buckles and bit ties. This series offers a large ear slit to fit comfortably on your horse.

saddles available

Martin saddles are all custom order. From time to time we have a few instock...
these are only available for a limited time and can ship immediately.