Mounted Shooter

Mounted Shooting is touted as the fastest growing western equine sport. Winning times are getting faster, courses are more diffi cult, and the competition is stronger. All of these advancements require greater speed, control, and balance from both horse and rider. C.M.S.A. World Champion Annie Bianco-Ellet teamed up with Martin Saddlery to design a saddle that helps competitors become more successful in the sport. The Martin Shooter has unique features that help riders maintain balance and stability in the saddle for fast starts, maneuvering sharp turns, and accurate precision shots.

  • • Balanced to provide stability and comfort in the saddle for greater shooting accuracy on the run down
  • • Designed to help absorb energy from quick jarring movements, helping to maintain proper body position
  • • Provides a secure seat pocket without restricting the movement necessary to adjust to the course
  • • Saddle horn comfortably fi ts the hand and tilts forward to remain out of the shooter’s way
  • • Free moving stirrup fenders allow the rider to quickly adjust body position to effectively maneuver through the course
  • • Adjustable rigging offers a selection of gullet widths to better fit a variety of conformations
  • • Double skirted with gun conchos and strings for a classic western design
  • • High performance versatility for all around uses in a variety of other western disciplines
  • • Available with D Rig or Adjustable Rig
Gullett Width:  6.5” Standard, 6.75” , 7”, 7.5” 
Gullett Height:  8"
Cantle Height:  3.75"
Horn Height:  3.5"
Horn Cap:  2.5"
Tree Sizes:  13.5”, 14”, 14.5”, 15”, 15.5”, 16”
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