Martin Cutter

Designed with help of NCHA Hall of Fame member Matt Gaines, the Martin Cutter offers riders a balanced and stable ride. It is comfortable and easy to ride, making it a popular choice with a wide range of competitors.

  • • High rise ground seat provides a defined seat pocket for greater balance and helps keep the rider securely positioned in the center of the saddle
  • • Seat pocket allows the rider to establish a deeper seat and helps keep him there even during hard stops and fast turns
  • • Free swinging fenders give the rider the freedom needed to place his feet exactly where he needs to whenever necessary
  • • Ideal cutting saddle for all levels of competitors, from professionals to non-pros or beginners
  • • Classic cutting design with a traditional and timeless appearance
  • • Available with D Rig or Adjustable Rig 
Gullet Width:  6.5” Standard, 6.75” , 7”, 7.5”, 8” 
Gullett Height:  8.5"
Cantle Height:  3"
Horn Height:  4"
Horn Cap:  1.875"
Tree Sizes:  15”, 15.5”, 16”, 16.5”, 17”
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