The Foundation
To make the best saddles possible, you have to start with the best fitting saddle trees. Like a building's foundation, the tree must be built to precise specifications with precise symmetrical angles to support the load it carries. The quality of the saddle tree ultimately determines the quality of the finished saddle.That is why at Martin Saddlery, we manufacture our own trees to ensure their quality and focus undivided attention to the fine details in each and every tree we produce. To make the best fitting trees, you also must have the best people. Talented and passionate craftsman and developers are a large part of why Martin Saddles are of the highest quality on the market. There is no substitute for perfection and for a love in what you do. Our tree engineers and craftsman are horsemen alike and live their work everyday. Unlike many companies in the industry, our employee's work and passion are one in the same. You won't find a tree made with more precision anywhere in the industry.
For The Horse
Martin saddle trees are assembled with specific angles of alignment, symmetrical and measurable balanced. The bar pattern in a Martin saddle tree is designed to provide full, even contact with the horses back throughout the entire length of the bar. The bars are carefully spaced to allow adequate spine relief with a one-of-a-kind flare that forgives as it corresponds to the contours of a horses back. Our flared design helps relieve uneven pressure points and accommodates the movement of the horses shoulder and loin. It also encourages lateral flexion by allowing the horses shoulder and hips to roll and move as nature intended. This feature aslo helps prevent the bar from jamming the shoulder during hard stops and turns.
Martin Saddlery
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